Garden Nursery - SEO Case Study

Top-Ranked Garden/Plant Nursery sees 353% increase in traffic, all of visitors from Google Organic search.


This Garden Nursery in Mesa, Arizona in June of 2015 with a focus on wanting to rank more for “plant nursery” or “tree nursery”. They did not have an SEO strategy in place but were getting a decent amount of traffic. Traffic for this website was averaging about 1256 visitors per month. Not too bad!


We researched the keywords for this industry to find that many people were searching for all types of nursery keywords and not just using garden nursery keywords. They were searching for things like “saguaro cactus”, “pomegranate tree”, “shrubs and bushes for sale” etc. These keywords were being searched with “keyword + city” and “keyword + near me” most often.


Most of the competition already had pages and posts for their individual services like cacti and Arizona trees so we decided to the same for our client but be more descriptive, offer more explanation than other sites didn’t go in depth, etc.


We decided to create local pages for their local tree, plant and garden nursery and create posts to answer important questions gardeners and planters were asking all over the US. This helped their site rank locally when searching for “nursery” and “nursery near me” keywords. The posts we created did so well they took national rankings.


Since implementing SEO across this client’s website, these efforts have helped drive significant increases in search engine visibility, auto repair estimates, and sales, including the following:

  • 6 out of every 10 visits to this client’s site comes from Google Organic search
  • A 353% increase in SEO traffic over past 4 years
  • Boosted organic clicks to over 3,180+ clicks per month
  • Gets over $9,100 worth of PPC traffic all from organic search
  • $0 PPC have been spent on this account
Increased PPC Traffic Value For Garden Nursery


This client was signed up for the Deluxe SEO Package. Their website receives over $9,100 worth of PPC traffic (this does not include their sales) and only pays us $750 per month.


Our Garden & Plant nursery client is seeing significant increases over the last quarter (Feb 2019)! This nursery has been a SEO client of ours since 2015 and is still increasing in 2019. This shows you we don’t just stop once we get the account. We only get better! Just since 2015 alone they are up over 2000 visitors per month with seasonal spikes in the 10,000+ range. They are now ranking for garden nursery +city keywords, near me keywords and taking national rankings. Near me keywords were huge with this clients SEO strategy and the use of them is becoming more and more popular. We are also earning constantly earning featured snippets by answering common gardening questions on this clients website. This also creates sales funnels back to their service/product pages. The Deluxe SEO package was used in this example.

Traffic Increases For A&P Nursery

Snapshot of Google My Business Dashboard

All this traffic led to increased visibility of this customers website and Google listing. Check out this customers increases over the last quarter. (4 months)

Increased Website Traffic For Nursery

Increased Calls, Directions & Website Clicks

All of this visibility actually turned into $$$. Look at how many clicks and calls our Nursery client is receiving because of our professional “white hat” safe content writing and SEO services.

Increased Calls & Website Clicks For Nursery