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Your website and Google business listing are the gateway to “increasing sales” and profits! However, without SEO your website will never rank and your business listing won’t either. Turn your website into a lead generation machine that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year. 1000’s of consumers on Google search are searching for your products and services, just like the ones you offer, in the local Fort Lauderdale area right now but, can’t find your website or Google listing on the search engines. It’s not because Google hates you; It’s because your site is not “SEOed” yet!

Absolutely the best in the industry! I went through a few SEO companies that were all hype and no results. Erick is the real deal and a great all around person. Great results, no hype. He is my seo guy for life!! Thank you Erick for all your hard work and dedication to my business and success. You are a diamond in the rough and I am so happy to be working with you.

Aaron Basques, Owner, Alternative Energy, LLC

“Your website, Google business listing & SEO are the gateway to increasing your profits!”


Take a look at some of our real SEO case studies.

Traffic Value RV SEO

Top-Ranked RV Insurance Company Sees 204% increase in traffic, all of visitors from Google Organic search.

Auto Repair SEO Case Study

Top-Ranked Auto Repair Shop Sees 2,699% increase in traffic, all of visitors from Google Organic search.

Roofing Company SEO Case Study

Top-Ranked Roofing Company Sees 1072% increase in traffic, all of visitors from Google Organic search.


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What is Fort Lauderdale SEO?

Fort Lauderdale SEO is the act of optimizing business listings and webpages for Miami business owners to show up higher ranked on local Google Organic Search & Google Maps Listings.

Own a garage door company, construction company, plumbing company, electrician company, hair salon, pool service company or any other type of home services business in Fort Lauderdale? SEO works perfect for local businesses like yours!

For example, users commonly type in “SEO Company Near Me” while looking for internet marketing services near their business. After searching that word on Google, the user will be presented with a list of webpages, business listings, videos, images, etc. to choose from. Those webpages and business listings just don’t show up their by chance. SEO got them up there. Whoever optimizes their webpages the best… wins! If you found this webpage; we won!

Will SEO Services Work For My Fort Lauderdale Business?

Yes! If you offer common products and services to Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods and cities, our SEO Services will most likely work for you! Common products and services include: Plumbing services, pool service, electrical services, remodeling services and more. SEO works great for contractors, home improvement companies, lawyers and attorneys, pool service companies, remodeling companies and more. However, we will not take on an SEO account if your product or service does not receive enough searches. We cannot ethically charge a business owner we know SEO will not work for. We would never tarnish our positive reputation just to earn a couple hundred bucks. So, its pretty safe to say that we will only take your money if we know we can put even more right back in your pocket (over time of course).

How Can Our Fort Lauderdale SEO Company Help With Internet Marketing?

Erick The SEO Guy’s approach to SEO is simple; Sit back and get money! “I do a really thorough SEO consultation to make sure I am well aware of your biggest money making keywords and focus on those areas to make sure you rank for those first. We are not in the business of losing SEO accounts and we want to make sure your ROI is great so that you will never leave our SEO company”. We will also do a thorough evaluation of your website, listing(s) and your nearest competition to formulate the best custom SEO strategy for your specific needs. Every account is different and we don’t just put you on auto pilot.

How Does Fort Lauderdale SEO Work?

Fort Lauderdale SEO works by optimizing your website to send the right signals to Google’s search engine. Search engine optimization works best when optimizing different areas of your webpages with keywords. Keywords are embed in areas such as the H1 tag, SEO title and Alt Text of Images on a webpage. Keywords help Google understand your webpage(s) better and SEO experts know exactly where to put them. Typically the keywords used for ‘SEO’ line right up with what the website owner is selling.

For example:  A plumber in Fort Lauderdale would most likely have the keyword phrase “Plumber Fort Lauderdale” in their SEO title, H1 tag, alt text of an image on the page, and probably mentioned in the first 100 words of text. These are just a couple of signals that help Google understand what type of business you are and what Geographical area you are serving. Also, optimizing your business listing correctly with the right business category and service area/Address is equally important. This will help the plumbing company show up on Google’s business listing section and organic listing section. But wait… There’s more!

Novice SEO VS. Veteran SEO In Fort Lauderdale

A novice SEO’er would stop right there and think the page will rank with out doing much else. But a veteran SEO expert would know that ranking for plumbing keywords in Fort Lauderdale is extremely competitive so they would be sure and build backlinks or other business listings to help send even more signals to Google and make the SEO work even better. Backlinks are a simple way Google can tell if your site is “cool” or not. How many people mention your website on theirs? It’s all just popularity contest. If you can make Google think you are popular and your website has the right words on it, you will rank!

However, you don’t want to rely only on backlinks as Google knows all the spammy link building tricks and will de-rank your site if they notice anything fishy going on. That’s why we create SEO friendly content for the search engines to bring you natural traffic. We build new pages and blog posts every month to create landing pages and sales funnels. The goal is to increase the visibility of your product or service pages naturally without pulling anything that will get your website or business listing removed from Google altogether.

Not only are people turning to Google search when looking for products or services specifically but they are asking questions about them, and those questions usually turn into purchases. How much does bathroom remodeling cost near me? If your website happens to answer that question, that could be a $15,000 click! We are experts building the right pages and answering the right questions to make sure your website gets noticed, even in a very competitive city like Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

So if you think about it, Fort Lauderdale SEO is really just a process of proving to search engines that you are the most authoritative site for your niche/city, the most authoritative, the most trusted, the most unique and interesting site that they can offer to their customer – the searcher. Get people to talk about you, produce good quality content, get people to link to you, and Google will be more confident that you are the best result that they can offer to their searchers, and that’s when you will start ranking on the first page of Google.

Our Fort Lauderdale SEO Process

Our SEO process for Fort Lauderdale business owners is simple:

  1. Find The Right SEO Keywords

The first step is finding the right SEO keywords. We want to make sure we find the most popular/newest ways users are searching for your products and services to ensure we optimize your site correctly the first time. We use the most advanced keyword research tools in the industry and will find the best keywords that will convert into sales for you. Finding the right keywords is critical to finding the right topics to write about. Without content your site will never get traffic.

  1. Onsite SEO – Optimize The Text

The second step is optimizing your webpages to include the keywords we found in them. However, this isn’t as easy as just pasting a couple words on a page. We have to do research to find out who ranks #1 for the keyword you want to rank for, and find out why they rank there. Is their page text length longer? Did they use the keyword sooner in their title? Do they have links to other relevant pages embedded in their text? If so… How can we make yours/ours better? Also, using headings correctly helps Google understand your webpage better. When you confuse Google; they decrease your rankings. When Google understands your webpage well; they increase your rankings.

  1. Offsite SEO – Build Backlinks & Business Listings

Offsite SEO is the final step to any well-built SEO strategy. Link building and NAP listing (Name, Adress, Places listings) like Yelp, Facebook, and others are great for SEO. These links help increase your popularity and relevance with Google. However, I feel that too many SEO companies have placed a huge importance on link building. Link building can help but it shouldn’t be the main focus. Content is king and you will score natural links from well-built content.