Average Air Conditioning Repair Prices
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How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

National air conditioning repair cost ranged between $170 – $510 in 2019; with most homeowners stating they spent an average of $330 on repairing or replacing parts related to their A/C unit. If your air conditioner just crapped out and now you’re wondering how much it will cost to fix it, this 2019 A/C repair and replacement cost guide should help!

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Home AC Problems In 2019?

According to HomeAdvisor, “Most air conditioner repairs cost between $164 and $549, with most homeowners reporting that they spend $356 on average. Prices for this project vary greatly by company. The cost per hour can be anywhere from $35 to $200“.

  • Home AC Service Call Cost: $59 – $138, AVG $98.50
  • HVAC or AC Tune-Up Cost: $89 – $125, AVG $107
  • HVAC or AC Repair Cost Per Hour: $35 – $200, AVG $117.50
  • Clogged Condensate Drain Line Flush or Repair Cost: $0 – $250, AVG $125
  • Home AC Diagnostic Cost: $75 – $180, AVG $127.50
  • Blown AC Fuse or Relay Replacement Cost: $17 – $305, AVG $161
  • Cost of Thermostat Replacement or Installation In A Home: $70 – $255, AVG $162.50
  • Home AC Condensate Pump Replacement Cost: $90 – $250, AVG $170
  • Power Pack Booster Cost: $105 – $255, AVG $180
  • Air Conditioner Hard Start Kit Price: $105 – $255, AVG $180
  • AC Condenser Fan Motor Replacement Cost: $105 – $315, AVG $210
  • Home Air Conditioner Contactor or Capacitor Replacement Cost: $105 – $405, AVG $255
  • Home AC Recharge Cost: The average home ac recharge cost is about $290 with average prices ranging from $175 – $405 according to this AC repair cost guide
  • Evaporator Coil Drain Pan Replacement Cost: $145 – $550, AVG $347.50
  • AC Circuit Board Repair & Replacement Cost: $237.50 – $487.50, AVG $362.50
  • AC Blower Motor Repair or Replacement Costs: $150 – $600, AVG $375
  • Fan Motor Outside Condensing Unit Replacement Cost: $150 – $600, AVG $375
  • Drip Pan or Drain Pan Replacement Cost: $255 – $580, AVG $417.50
  • AC Condenser Fan Motor Replacement Cost: $400 – $500, AVG $450
  • Air Conditioner Coil Leak Repair Cost: $400 – $1200, AVG $800
  • Home AC Condenser Replacement Cost: $400 – $1200, AVG $800
  • Home AC Condenser Coil Replacement Cost: $400 – $1200, AVG $800
  • AC Freon Leak Detection & Repair: $230 – $1,625, AVG $927.50
  • Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost: $655 – $1,225, AVG $940
  • Home AC Compressor Replacement Cost: $1,355 – $1,805, AVG $1,580
  • Average Cost of A New AC Unit: $1,500 – $3,000, AVG $2,250
  • HVAC or AC Replacement & Installation Cost: $3,000 – $7,000, AVG $5,000

Low AC Repair Costs Under $200 Bucks

  • Requesting a service call from A/C technician: $98.50
  • Getting an HVAC or A/C Tune Up: $107
  • Paying an A/C technician by the hour: $117.50
  • Flush or Repair your condensate drain line: $125
  • Get a diagnostic test performed on your A/C unit: $127.50
  • Replacing a blown fuse or relay: $161
  • Replacing your home’s A/C thermostat: $162.50
  • Replacing the A/C condensate pump: $170
  • Using a power pack booster to start your A/C compressor: $180
  • Using an air conditioner hard start pack to start your A/C compressor: $180

Mid-Range AC Repair Costs That Keep You Under The $500 Range

  • Replacing an A/C condenser fan motor: $210
  • Replacing an air conditioner capacitor or contactor: $255
  • Recharging A/C refrigerant or Freon: $290
  • Replacing an evaporator coil drain pan: $347.50
  • Replacing an A/C circuit board: $362.50
  • Replacing a blown A/C motor fan: $375
  • Replacing an outside condensing unit motor fan: $375
  • Replacing an A/C drain pan or drip pan: $417.50
  • Replacing an A/C condenser fan motor: $450

High AC Repair Cost Ranging From $800 or More

  • Repairing or replacing air conditioner coil: $800
  • Replacing a home A/C condenser: $800
  • Replacing a home A/C condenser coil: $800
  • Have an A/C technician perform Freon leak detection or repair: $927.50
  • Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost: $940
  • Home AC Compressor Replacement Cost: $1,580
  • Buying a central A/C unit: $2,250
  • Buying and installing an entire AC or HVAC unit: $5,000

More About HVAC or AC Tune Up Costs

AC tune-ups are needed to keep your HVAC unit running efficiently and help you avoid future problems and costly repairs. The average cost of an A/C tune up ranges from $89 to $125 with homeowners reporting an average of $107 of HVAC tune up services. Additionally, keeping receipts of your yearly A/C tune ups can help home inspectors and potential buyers know that your HVAC unit is in perfect working condition, an additional selling point, in case you decide to sell your home.

More About Home AC Service & Diagnostic Costs

The average cost of home A/C service & diagnostic ranges from $75 – $180, with homeowners reporting spending an average of $127.50. However, you can expect to pay even more during the summer months. It is very important that you get regular A/C tune ups and maintenance performed on your air conditioning unit to prevent major problems and unexpected breakdowns from arising.

More About HVAC or AC Repair Cost Per Hour

Labor for your AC unit is usually where most of the cost will come from. Most AC or HVAC repair professional charge $35 to $200 an hour, with an average of $107 per hour depending on where you live and the service being performed. However, you will commonly find that most AC Repair contractors charge flat fees for their services.

Hiring A Professional HVAC Technician Means Asking The Right Questions!

Read below to find out the right questions to ask HVAC techs before hiring. This will save you from future headaches and ensure you are hiring a reputable, licensed and professional AC repair technician.

  • Will your HVAC company give me a written estimate before you start working and stick to that price?
  • Does your HVAC contractors offer 24-hour service if my unit is ever to go down after we are done here today?
  • If my repair costs more than I can afford, do you offer financing to help me repair my air conditioner or replace it if it’s needed?
  • How does your company charge for A/C service and repair? By the hour? Flat rate?
  • Do your A/C technicians inspect my ducts while inspecting my air conditioning unit?
  • Does your HVAC company have AHRI Performance Certification?
  • Does your HVAC contractors undergo background checks and drug testing before entering customer’s homes?
  • Can you provide me with testimonials or reviews from your satisfied or dissatisfied customers?
  • How long has your HVAC company been in business?>
  • Are you accredited with The Better Business Bureau?
  • If you are offering A/C tune up specials, are there any special conditions that need to be met to qualify?
  • If my A/C unit is under warranty, is your HVAC company certified to perform warranty repairs on my specific brand of A/C unit?
  • What kind of guarantees or warranties does your company offer on your repairs, replacements, and installations?
  • Are your A/C contractors certified by any professional organizations?
  • Is your A/C company licensed, bonded and insured for my protection?

How To Find A Professional A/C Repair Company

The first thing you should look for is a company that specializes in A/C repair. There are a ton of handymen out there that work on A/C units and offer great specials but only a certified HVAC technician will be able to diagnose and repair your A/C unit in the really tough situations.

  1. Check For Licensing & Insurance

You want to make sure the company you are dealing with is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. If the company doesn’t have insurance and damages something while in your home, you will not be covered. Licensing numbers and other information is usually clearly displayed on the company trucks, marketing pieces, and paperwork.

  1. Check To See If You Are Under Warranty

Before any major repair on a home, you should always check to see if you are under warranty first. Most would say you should check before calling the HVAC company but we say call the company and have them do the leg work for you. These companies want your business and know it will be easier to get paid if the warranty covers your repair. Plus this doesn’t cost you any money out of pocket in most cases.

  1. Compare Pricing & Services

Make sure you get at least 3 estimates for repair or replacement work that is needed before you decide to hire a company. Make sure and get written estimates with full descriptions of the services that needed. This may even be a chance to tell each of the companies the other’s prices so they can start a bidding war and get your costs really low.

  1. Get Referrals From Friends & Family

Most of the time your friends and family will know someone, who knew someone, that did something like that, that one time… You get the picture. Also, be sure and check your mail to see if any HVAC contractors in your area are running ads in the paper, flyers or other print media.

  1. Check For Professional Certifications

Most A/C professionals belong to ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) or SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Contractors’ National Association). Both of these sites will provide you will a full list of contractors in your area. Make sure and look for contractors that are certified by NATE and are partnered with ENERGY STAR.

  1. Make Sure They Are Professional

Make sure the company has a website, Google listing, Yelp and other places where you can read reviews and make sure they are treating their customers respectfully. Also be sure to look for branding on the website, company trucks, uniforms etc. as this will go a long way with showing you how much they care about their brand.


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