How to Get on Top of Google Search
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How to Get on the Top of Google Search

This guide will teach you what SEO companies do, to get you on the first page of Google. It will also serve as an understanding of what Methods Erick The SEO Guy uses to get your site ranking #1 on Google Search.

When a user performs a Google Search, there are millions of results, that come up for just about every product or business that you can think of. 

Anywhere from 100 to 10,000,000 search results display that Google thinks are relevant to the words that the user chose to type in.

  • Phoenix Seo Company # 1
  • Phoenix Seo Company # 2
  • Phoenix Seo Company # 3
  •  “Your Business”
  • Phoenix Seo Company # 1,000,000

Google does this by monitoring the kind of wording that you use on your site. Google is looking for certain “Keywords”, to understand what type of business or product you serve. This process is the same no matter what type of business or product you have. “Phoenix Hair Salon”, “Houston Electrician”, “Tax Preparation Company”, etc…

Step 1. Choose the Right Keywords

Our task is choosing Keywords that are relevant to your type of business and location, pretty much, we are finding out what business category you fall into. Example: Plumber, Electrician, Medical Company, Artist, Tax Preparer, etc…  Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, etc…

Business Type   –    Location

Seo Company:   –    Phoenix, AZ

Step 2. Perform Keyword Research

Once we find out what category you fall into, we do a deep search to find out what the most popular words are that people are using when they are looking for a business like yours. We want to find out which set of words bring in the most high-quality-targeted traffic. By targeted, we mean traffic that is actually looking to buy the product or service they are looking for.

The tool we use is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Its great for estimating how much traffic comes in when a user type is a set of words.

For Example: Let’s use the Keywords “Phoenix Seo Company”, which is a very popular keyword for Seo Companies in Phoenix, AZ. Here is the estimated traffic that Google says, is looking for this term.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of different variations of words that people use when they are looking for local businesses. For Instance: If someone were looking for the “Phoenix Seo Company”. You would think they would type in that exact phrase, but this is not necessarily true in most cases. Some people might type in “Seo Company Phoenix”, which would have a completely different amount of searches per month.

Either way, we find out which words suit your site the best and optimize it to populate higher in the Google Search Results. See, those terms are so closely related together but have completely different amounts of traffic that come in. We specialize in making your site optimized for the most popular variations of Keywords possible.

Step 3. Implement The Keywords

After we find the words we want to use, we basically just implement those words into the text of your site and make sure that the titles of your pages, description, pictures, and posts have those same keywords in them.

If you think about it, we are just creating a couple of different ways for Google to realize that you are a “specific type of business” that offers a “specific type of service” in a “specific location”.

Step 4. Share on Social Media

We then add power to your website by sharing it on Social Media Networks, Web 2.0 sites, and Directory sites, etc… that further lets Google know what type of business you are and what type of reputation and history you have online. It’s as simple as that.

Step 5. Wait Patiently

Waiting: The reason it takes quite a bit of time to get on the first page of Google for certain keywords is that there is so much competition. Believe me, we are not the only ones trying to optimize people’s websites for the search engines to get #1 on Google. It’s only a matter of time before we get your ranking though, the more links we build, the higher you rank in the search engine results. You will see your fastest times or fastest methods work much quicker for some of the longer tail keywords

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